Celebrating Our Co-Founder, Margaret Hotze, on this Mother’s Day


On this Mother’s Day in CECO’s 50th year, we honor the matriarch and co-founder of CECO, Mrs. Margaret Hotze.


In 1948, Margaret received her degree in Journalism and Communications from the University of Texas, and soon after she married Ernest Hotze. In their nearly 50 years of marriage, Margaret and Ernest raised eight children — seven boys and one girl. A busy mom, Margaret is involved in the Church and charitable organizations, and she has also played a key role at CECO since its birth in 1964. Margaret was in charge of billing customers, fulfilling orders, and shipping in the early days, and she has participated in directing the company on the Board for many years.


CECO’s 50 years of success can be largely attributed to Margaret’s hard work for the company and with her family.


Thank you, Margaret Hotze, and special thanks and love to all of our wonderful mothers whose work and sacrifice have enriched our lives.