Congratulations to Betty Klotz on her Retirement!

After 41 years of service in CECO’s Houston Manufacturing, Betty Klotz is retiring. Her last day will be Thursday, March 31, 2016.

Betty started with the company on April 1, 1975 in our Accounts Payable & Receivable department, and moved to the Manufacturing department shortly thereafter.

During her tenure Betty has been instrumental with the scheduling and production of our Houston manufacturing team. She worked diligently to ensure customer deadlines were met, and that the products we produced met the quality our customer expected.

Betty will be retiring to her Jasper, Texas home where she says, “I’ll probably get dragged into going fishing with my husband”.

We thank Betty for her tireless efforts and hard work. Her passion and dedication will truly be missed!

Please join us in wishing Betty the best of luck, health and happiness in her retirement!betty klotz 02.23.16

The CECO MS150 Team – Most Memorable Ride

The CECO MS150 Team, Susan and Josh Bickham, Catherine Jones, Joe Miniot, and Justin Russell, and are preparing for their ride with TransCanada’s team April 16-17, 2016. They will leave Rhodes Stadium in Katy at first light on Saturday morning, April 16th to get to their overnight destination in La Grange. Sunday morning, they will ride to the finish line in front of the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin. I asked each member of the CECO MS150 Team to write about their most memorable MS150 ride. Here is what Joe Miniot, Vice President of Sales for CECO had to say.

“2016 will be my 17th MS150 ride. My very first ride was in April of 1994. Back then, I was riding with a CECO team of about six people. All of those people have since moved on. So now, I’m the veteran CECO rider. The first day of the ride was long but really enjoyable. I was amazed at what a social event the ride is. I found people with similar riding ability and speed, and we spent a lot of time talking and enjoying the 70 degree weather with a small tail wind. The end of the first day is a little hilly but, I managed just fine.

We had reserved a few motel rooms near Fayetteville so we took a bus from the LaGrange finish line to our motel. We all ate a good meal, took a shower, and went to bed by 9pm. The next morning, everything had changed. We woke up on Sunday morning to 40 degree temperatures, light rain and a head wind. None of us were happy that this front had passed through overnight. We took the bus back to the LaGrange fairgrounds and ate breakfast in a large heated building. From there, we spent the next 1-1/2 hours trying to decide whether we should ride or take a bus (many hundreds of riders had made this decision) all the way to Austin. Anyway, we took a vote and decided we would carry on and ride in the now 50 degree weather with more light rain. I remember as we left LaGrange we stopped at a Wal-Mart to buy sweatshirts because we were all freezing. After another hour or so on the bike it finally quit raining and actually heated up to nearly 50 degrees. We rode through the extremely hilly Bastrop and Buescher State Parks and because of the hills, we warmed up and could finally throw away our heavily soaked sweatshirts. We made it into Austin totally exhausted, but we all felt like we had really endured and we were kind of proud for not bailing out along the way.

Looking back, day two of my first year of the MS150 was still the most difficult and memorable day I have ever had on a bike. I also am quite sure that if a day like this happens again in future rides, I will have to think twice about enduring that weather again. 20 plus years later, I think I am a bit wiser now.”

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CECO-TRANSCANADA-TEAM-2015CECO’s MS150 team has started training for the upcoming BP MS150. Riding are Susan and her son, Zeke Bickham, Joe Miniot, and Justin Russell. This year, CECO is joining TransCanada’s team. The ride commences April 16, 2016 at 6:45AM. Photo from past year MS150.