CECO Compressor Engineering (CECO) and Machinery Monitoring Systems, LLC (MMS) announce the appointment of CECO as the exclusive distributor for MMS engine balancing products in the USA. The agreement extends CECO’s capability to support its customers by adding innovative engine balancing products and services to its portfolio of engine related components and engineered solutions.

“We are excited that CECO, a 55 year-old family owned and operated company, has agreed to be our exclusive distributor for our engine balancing products in the USA”, says Steve Follmar, President of MMS. “They have been and continue to be a company of high integrity and one of the leaders in the industry by providing quality products and services that meet the needs of the oil and gas markets.”

“We are excited to join forces with MMS as an exclusive distributor for their engine balancing products”, says Richard Hotze, President of CECO. “CECO has always been guided by the principle of ‘find a need – and fill it’ and this agreement provides us the opportunity to fill what we see as a gap in the market for cost effective engine balancing solutions. We look forward to working with MMS to expand the application of their machinery health monitoring technology to rotating and reciprocating gas compression assets across the oil and gas value chain.”

About Machinery Monitoring Systems, LLC
Founded in 2018 by a small group of entrepreneurs and engineers with decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, Machinery Monitoring Systems, LLC offers innovative machinery performance monitoring products and services. MMS is focused on developing machinery health monitoring products and services for industrial rotating and reciprocating machinery commonly used in the gas transmission, midstream, gas processing, and petrochemical industries. For more information visit www.mmsysllc.com.

The collaboration signifies a new beginning for both companies and a winning alliance within the industry. We are very excited about the new opportunities brought about by this agreement and look forward to bringing our customers the benefits.

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