CECO Welcomes Consultant Pat Hickey

CECO Compressor Engineering is pleased to welcome Pat Hickey as another Consultant, to the Training & Technical Services team. He will join Randy Anderson by providing knowledge, skills, and expertise to the ever increasingly complex area of automation and controls.

Mr. Hickey joins CECO with over 45 years in the natural gas industry working as a Principal Engineer responsible for controls and automation. He specializes in software development, start-up and commissioning of new installations and troubleshooting existing control and automation problems. This includes reciprocating engines and compressors, centrifugal engine and compressors, MMC units and various emergency shutdown systems. Mr. Hickey has extensive experience developing performance equations for horsepower curves, air fuel ratio control, ignition timing control and sequencing start-up, shutdown and loading.

As a consultant for CECO, Mr. Hickey will also be available to conduct classroom training on automation and controls as well as one-on-one hands on training.

“We are excited to have Pat Hickey join us on the CECO staff to provide training and support on the automation and control systems used in the gas industry. I have known Pat my entire working career and consider him to be one of most knowledgeable industry experts on automation and controls. He has a wealth of experience and a unique skill of working well with people.” said Randy Anderson, CECO’s Principal Consultant.

As a consultant for CECO, Mr. Hickey will also be available to conduct in-depth classroom and on site hands-on training on all of the above mentioned skills.

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