Engineered Excellence Delivered

Advanced Equipment

We invest in the latest technology to better serve you.

CECO ETS Mobile Laboratories are equipped with the latest technology for making quick and accurate measurements. Our equipment includes:
  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy analyzers for the analysis of various gaseous emissions utilizing ASTM D6348-12, EPA Method 320, and EPA Method 321
  • Paramagnetic Analyzers for exhaust oxygen determination
  • Dilution System with spectrum of gas blends, so we are never lacking the proper cylinder range
  • 200 feet of top quality heated sample line to preserve the constituents of interest for transport to the analyzers
  • Hi flow refrigerant system for gas conditioning
  • Dual Sampling systems for redundancy as well as simultaneous testing
  • Customized Data Acquisition Equipment & Software
  • Windrock and Recip-Trap equipment analyzers
  • Portable Emissions Analyzers, where required
  • 10 kW generator to provide for all of our power requirements