Balancing emission rates and fuel consumption for optimum engine performance.

Optimum engine performance requires operators to know and understand the operation of their equipment. Key measurements include brake-specific fuel consumption and emission rates of the engine. Accurate operating grids ensure a fuel-efficient compliant engine and are major components of a maintenance alarm system.

Program Description
Using empirical engine performance data collected over the operating range of the unit, air�?�fuel mixture grids and critical engine algorithms are developed. Program features include:
  • Onsite testing (up to 48 hours to collect engine performance data)
  • Computer-generated air⁄fuel mixture grids
Scheduling includes up to 48 hours of onsite testing and 3-4 weeks to analyze, calculate, and develop air⁄fuel mixture grids.

Where Testing is Applicable
Testing is applicable to equipment where fuel consumption and emission rates are valuable; this may include units that have broad operating ranges, engines with predictive maintenance systems, and equipment that is to be operated optimally.

When used in combination with a control system, air⁄fuel mixture grids can be used to automatically maintain the optimum mixture as operating conditions change.