Diagnostics Testing

Real time results that help you avoid unfavorable surprises.

In addition to assistance with mandatory compliance testing, CECO ETS offers a variety of services that can help your engines and compressors run more efficiently and ultimately save you money.
  • Performance/Guarantee Testing - Verify that the emissions control equipment you were sold actually performs as promised and avoid nasty surprises at compliance test time.
  • Catalyst Efficiency Studies - Perform real time pre and post catalyst measurements and calculate Removal Efficiencies for NOx, CO, VOC, THC, formaldehyde or any other gaseous compound. Determine catalyst efficiency and degradation.
  • Engine Combustion Optimization - Balance your engine to reduce vibration and other stresses and improve the reliability and performance. Verify emissions after adjustment.
  • Ammonia Slip Determination - Check your SCR to ensure you are not venting an excess of ammonia, resulting in pollution and wasted money. Tune the injection to optimize NOx reduction and minimize ammonia/urea usage
  • Specialized Compound Measurement - Look for a unique compound in your exhaust or process stream. Our FTIR experts will construct a method specially tuned to your source and provide you with real time data as you make adjustments.
  • Air/Fuel Ratio Curve Development
  • Horsepower Curve Development