Greenhouse Gases

Operate efficiently and responsibly.

The oil and gas industry is now required to report greenhouse gas releases from their facilities in accordance with 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 98, subpart W - Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting. This includes emissions from vents, blow downs, pneumatically actuated valves, and other sites. CECO offers emissions testing services, electronic packing vent monitor and emission reducing packing to help your company comply with these regulations.

Vent Flow Measurement

CECO can accurately characterize the flow from any source of small but constant gas flow (e.g. crankcase vents, compressor packing, etc.) using either a hi-flow sampler or our own patented ePV™, electronic packing vent monitor. Our test teams can accomplish these measurements either as separate projects or more economically by combining them with emissions testing mobilizations.

Electronic Packing Vent Monitor, ePV™
CECO has developed ePV™, a vent flow analysis tool specifically designed to monitor gas compressor packing cases, which is available as a permanent installation hooked up to your DAS or as a standalone portable kit. Please see our ePV™ page here for more information

Low Emission Packing, LEP™
Another quality part from CECO, our LEP™ increases sealing which reduces fugitive emissions and increases compressor efficiency. Please see the LEP™ page here for more information.