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Only have a few employees who need fundamental training? CECO partners with industry–wide organizations to offer open enrollment courses throughout the year that will meet your needs.

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Date Location Course
March 27 – 30, 2017 Houston, TX Combustion Characteristics
Schedule: Monday through Thursday, 8:00am–4:30pm
Location: Compressor Engineering Corporation Corporate Office
(5440 Alder Drive Houston, TX 77081, located 2 minutes from the Galleria)
Fee: $1,500.00 (breakfast/lunch & workbook are included)
Registration: Deadline is March 22, 2017, email Kathryn Hyden or call 800.836.7333
Course: This course covers all aspects of combustion and emissions, with a primary focus on troubleshooting operating changes on a variety of reciprocating engines – two stroke cycle (2SC) and four–stroke cycle (4SC) engines, as well as naturally aspirated 4SC engines used as generators. Designed for all job classifications involved with the operation, repair, analysis, engineering and supervision of reciprocating engines, attendees of this course will receive instruction covering peak firing pressure (PFP), mean effective pressure (MEP) exhaust temperatures, turbocharger speed, fuel consumption and emissions.